Support Local Communities By Donating Clean Cook Stoves

Lack of funds have been a barrier to adopting clean stoves in Africa and Kenya in particular.

 Kiangure Springs Environment Initiative (KSEI) is providing subsidized and affordable options to promote the accessibility of these technologies to vulnerable rural households.

The aim of the programme is to provide 5,000 households with access to clean cooking solutions.

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  • $10 will provide a household with one clean cook stove.
  • $20 will provide two households with a clean cook stoves each etc.

Kiangure Springs Environment Initiative is a grassroot development organization working to enhance community and ecological resilience.

The organization started as a training and capacity-building community-based project. It promoted awareness of environmental conservation and improved the livelihoods of rural and urban communities.

Kiangure Springs Environment Initiative (KSEI) is now a registered Community Based Organization that works towards enhancing communities’ resilience to climate change impacts in the Aberdare and Mt. Kenya ecosystem (Upper Tana) of Kenya. The Project is located on the Eastern side of the Aberdare Forest. It is a public-based forum that brings together concerted efforts by stakeholders for a greater impact on the Nyeri County landscape and beyond.

The project also provides user education and stoves maintenance.

We will maintain and provide a detailed report and database of all beneficiaries which will be available on our website.

The project has conducted a household energy survey that showed 80% of rural households use traditional cooking technologies beneficiaries are selected based on household energy needs assessment without any form of discrimination

No; Both the cook stoves and installation have been catered for by the donor.

Join the movement and help us reach our goal of 500,000 clean cook stoves for vulnerable households

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