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Energy resource center

Why Donate

KSEI is a non-profit organization that depends solely on donations, grants, and corporate funding. As we pursue sustainability projects, we appeal to well-wishers to fund our ongoing programs. Your generous contribution will touch lives and bring the transformation we all desire for the Upper Tana catchment area.

Sponsor A Project

We have several ongoing projects;
Donate for cookstoves ongoing project
Biogas installation
Biomass briquettes making
Tree planting
Youth programs
By sponsoring any project, you accelerate the KSEI’s mission of improving the livelihood of the communities within the Upper Tana region.

Become A Partner

As we appeal to donors, we also seek partners who resonate with our mission. We need partners to join our efforts to combat deforestation, promotion of renewable energy, promote art amongst youths, tree planting, and fight climate change.

Community Resource and Youth Empowerment center

Kiangure Community Resource Centre (CRYEC) is located in Ndugamano Shopping Centre opposite Gathuthi Tea Factory in Wamagana Ward, Tetu Sub County of Nyeri County in Mt. Kenya region. The centre was developed by Kiangure Springs Environment Initiative in 2015 and nearing completion. KSEI occupies a Quarter Acre Parcel of Land owned by the organization.

The centre is already connected to piped water and electricity and nears Thegenge Location Chiefs Office, Ndugamano Shopping Centre, and Gathuthi Tea Factory. This makes the facility accessible to targeted clients who are farmers and youth in the area.

The Building has the following sections:

a) Two halls with a capacity of 200 persons each
b) Renewable energy training and production center
c) 4 Room Project office
d) ICT Centre and Community Library
e) Demonstration plot

KCRC will coordinate many innovative activities in collaboration with the local community, area CBOs, and national and international NGOs. KSEI is registered with the Kenyan Ministry of Culture and Social Services as a CBO.

The centre will offer the following to the community:

Agricultural and climate information to the community
Community Library
Centre for training in renewable energy technologies
ICT centre
Savings and credit society,
Promote sustainable agriculture and agribusiness
Youth Empowerment Centre
Aquaculture development centre
Women empowerment centre

Request For Support

KSEI requests support to complete and equip the resource centre.

These equipment can be new or used as they will help us kick start the ICT Centre.

Our Youth Empowerment programs request support in establishing an E-learning centre to empower the youth with knowledge necessary for survival and contribution to sustainable National development.

The centre will also support farmers to access agricultural and climate information and markets their farm produce online. The learners will contribute a small affordable fee to cater for internet fees and Stationery.

We are targeting over 20,000 young people in rural Tetu who are idle and in need of training in various skills but are financially handicapped.

1 dollar will plant 1 indigenous or fruit tree

10 dollars will provide a clean cookstove to a rural family

20 dollars will support a training session for farmers

50 dollars will support establish a tree nursery with 1000 seedlings

100 will support completion of the resource centre