Community Empowerment through art Programme


KSEI is working with Painting a new world to support Community Empowerment through art Programme. creating community-level awareness on climate change, Governance, Corruption, Health and cultural issues. Through this programme, the livelihood of individual artists is impacted positively while community’s awareness is created.

The programme aims at transforming lives through art.

Mural About Environment

The mission of Painting a New World (PNMW)

Painting a New World / Peindre un Nouveau Monde (PNMW) is a nonprofit organization founded in Montreal in 2008 by artists Agnes Jorgensen and Andre Chatelain.

The organization focuses mainly on supporting artists in Africa and Haiti through a mural art program. The murals must be appropriate to the context of the community and present a socially conscious message. Murals are painted on school walls and/or community centres by local artists.

The aim of the artwork is to create positive change by employing local artists and educating a community about their environment and future.

The mural project is funded by the founders of PNMW, Agnes and Andre, through the sales of their original artworks.

A word from Joram Mathenge, Executive Director Kiangure Springs Environment Initiative in Kenya:

“KSEI is grateful for the continued support from PNWM and looks forward to a continued partnership in the year 2016.  Your financial support has helped our program to grow together with our artists. They have transformed their community through their mural work. They have also earned a living and improved their financial status.  As a result, they have become leaders in their own communities and are regarded as opinion leaders. The program has created a big impact in this part of the world since art has a lasting impact. We thank Andre and Agnes for their wonderful vision and pray that you continue to transform the lives of upcoming artists in the developing world.”

Artists, Agnes Jorgensen and Andre Chatelain are passionate about painting the infinite beauties of Africa. It was our trip to Kenya in 2008 where we witnessed how art has the power to create positive change. We witnessed how art, together with education, inspired young people to shape a better future for themselves.

A Word from Agnes Jorgensen and Andre Chatelain

 ‘’ In August 2008, while travelling to Kenya with the organization Free The Children, Agnes and Andre from Painting a New World (PNMW) provided art supplies and instruction to a group of students in the Masai Mara.  It was inspiring to see the creative murals produced by students holding a paintbrush for the first time. One mural was auctioned to a generous group of guests which raised $15,000 for a new school classroom and a well for access to clean water. ‘’

This realization impacted our lives in so many ways and the creation of PNMW to reach out and help artists in Africa was reinforced.

In 2009, Andre and I through Painting a New World received the first Humanity Award from the International Fine Arts Academy of Quebec, recognizing the involvement of artists in a humanitarian cause.

Painting A New World