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Kenya Forest Award

Cook Stoves

Cook Stoves Installation Process

Cook Stoves Promotion

Cook Stoves Promotion

Fish Farming Project

Fish Farming Project

School Environmental Club

School Environmental Club

Cook Stoves

Cook Stoves



Biogas Project

Biogas Project

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Why Our Work is Needed

There were 1,841 deforestation alerts reported in Kenya between the 26th of July 2022 and the 2nd of August 2022, covering a total of 23ha.
Statistics show that more than 90% of rural households use firewood for cooking and heating, while more than 80% of urban households use charcoal.
According to OCHA, Kenya is very vulnerable to climate change, with the latest projections showing that its temperature will rise to 2.5ºC between 2000 and 2050. The rainfall will also become more intense and less predictable.
Out of the 46million Kenyans, 14.5 million face food insecurity and poor nutrition each year.
Youth unemployment in Kenya is rampant; seven of every ten unemployed Kenyans are aged 35 and below.

Our Work in Numbers/ Impact

Our Work in Numbers/ Impact


Over 1 million Trees Planted
Over 300 households Fitted with Biogas

Over 33,000 Lives Impacted
+ 8,000 Youths Empowered

Over 3,200 Women Empowered
Over 8,000 Households Have Adopted Clean Cookstoves
Over 100 murals painted


Our Achievements

Renewable energy
Cook Stove

Over 200 artisans trained in Cookstove fabrication and installation
Supported 8000 households to adopt clean cook stoves
Over 300 households fitted with domestic biogas units
10 Schools fitted with institutional biogas
3000 households fitted with solar lanterns
Established an energy center

Tree planting and forest conservation
covid19 hand washing
Tree Planting

Over one million indigenous tree Planted and growing

Livelihood Improvement
Community Groups

Supported 30 households to start fish farming
250 households supported with Dairy goats projects
2000 households supported with fruit trees
Over 1000 farmers trained in sustainable agriculture

Capacity building
covid19 hand washing

Established 60 environmental clubs in 60 schools in the Tetu district
Create awareness on HIV/AIDs by conducting 300 VCTs
20 artists trained, equipped and engaged to produce murals to create community level awareness on climate change and covid 19


Awarded by Kenya Forest Service in 2017 for being the 2nd best community group in tree growing and Forest conservation in high rainfall areas in Kenya.


Member of the Clean cooking Alliance

Member of the Global Waste Cleaning Network.

Member of the Environment Online                 

Member of World Association of NGOs (WANGO)

Award By Kenya Forest Service
Kiangure springs initiative awards

Kiangure Springs environment Initiative has been awarded by Kenya Forest Service in recognition of efforts in tree growing and forest conservation. We were first runners-up in the community group category for high rainfall areas. Award was presented by Her Excellency the First Lady MARGARET KENYATTA for the year 2017

Partnership With SUN24 USA
Sun 24


We are working with sun24 to accelerate access to clean energy for cooking and lighting for poor urban and rural communities by enhancing clean cooking through promotion of various technologies including miracle stove ,solar and bio-fuels through promoting entrepreneurship development and support.

Environment Mural


In partnership with Painting a New World from Canada, The community empowerment through art programme is guided by the need to create and sustain community level awareness in Biodiversity conservation. It recognizes that public awareness, public participation and education are crucial in prom

Community Groups
European Union

Partnered with European Union through CDTF to support Upper Tana Catchment community in projects aimed at poverty reduction through improved livelihood systems and the conservation of community natural resources and initiatives for enhanced environmental management and governance.

Our Partners